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A lot of expats nowadays have migrated to Asia and many are still attempting to. With this, many are wondering what’s the best place in this part of the world can they spend the rest of their lives. CNBC says it’s Singapore. A survey conducted on 21,950 expats living across the globe showed that Singapore tops the Best places in Asia for expats to live and work.

Through Expat Explorer Country League table, expats who have migrated to other countries were asked regarding their health, career and the quality of their lives. The result showed that more than one fourth of expats who have migrated to Singapore have a net income of more than $200,000. Singapore has a stable economy, thereby offering not just good but better career for everyone. On the survey conducted, 67% claimed that their quality of life has never been better compared to the life they used to have outside of Singapore. There are other countries that tops the rankings but only Singapore came up on top when it comes to balancing work and play.

“It is by living in other countries where people can realize their ambitions and discover new skills. By immersing to the new country’s culture and go on adventure with their loved ones, they also develop a strong bond of relationship with people who means the most to them. All these are just few of the many rewards expats have enjoyed while living in a different country”, stated Dean Blackburn, HSBC Expat head.

It is important for expats to know more about the country before they decide to stay there. Although U.S. dollar dominates the currency in Asia, they may still end up on a place where living can be very expensive. In Asia, China is known to be the most expensive place to live.

“Despite yuan’s minor depreciation compared to dollar, it showed to be stronger than majority of other currencies. Hence, Shanghai is considered to be the most expensive among the Asian city; declared Lee Quane; ECA’s Asia regional director. “Most likely, many Chinese cities will continue to be the most expensive places of destinations for expats even in the foreseeable future”, he added.

Chinese cities are among the very expensive cities for expats to live, even more costly that cities in Japan and Switzerland with Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzen on top of the list.

The reason why expats leave their country is to have fun. And many of them are also seeking for a greener Pasteur. But both of these can be realized if they happen to choose Singapore as their place of destination.