The siege of the United States Capitol is over, as the man who was reported shooting in front of the federal building took his own life. On Saturday, one of the busiest tourist days in Washington, the Capitol was shortly under lock down, but situation is now back to normal.



The deceased was caring a suitcase and a sign, and suddenly decided to shot himself in the head, said Kim Dine, the Capitol Police Chief. The sign the man was holding had a social justice message, but no additional details, regarding the message or the man’s identity were disclosed.

The lockdown was just a precaution, as the situation was unclear for some time. The suitcase raised concern about a possible bomber, but the examination by the bomb squad showed that there was no danger. The lockdown was lifted after two hours.

The Capitol Police Chief rejected the notion of terrorism, stating that “There seems to be no nexus to terrorism or anything related to that.”

The shooting took place in the period when Congress was out of session and almost all congressman were out of the capitol. The popular Cherry Blossom annual festival attracted a lot of tourists on Saturday, making the situation even more difficult. One of the witnesses, Robert Bishop from Annapolis, Maryland, said that the writings on the sign said “Tax the 1 percent,” but he wasn’t a 100% sure. Bishop said that more than 50 people were in the area between the Capitol and the street, next to the fountain, when the man shot himself, adding that “Everybody started ducking and started to run.”

The lawmakers will be back in session on Tuesday.