How many times have you decided to buy something, but changed your mind in the next couple of minutes? Has it ever happened to you that you want to buy something, but you completely forget about it? I am sure that every one of us has browsed e-stores and was set on buying something, but the whole process of on-line payment, receipts, shipping, etc. was too boring and annoying. Facebook is set on a quest to make yet another revolution, this time in on-line shopping.


There is something that is called a “funnel” that stands between the decision to buy something, and actually buying it. This funnel is often the last obstacle that a customer has to overcome to buy a company’s product, and too often this obstacle proves to be impossible to beat. But imagine if all you had to do to buy something you like is to click the mouse button. Undoubted, if just a click would keep you away from the thing you want, there wouldn’t be a lot of time for you to change your mind, find something else, or forget about it.

On line payment has become a standard in the modern age, with PayPal, Skrill, Apple Pay and many other services that allow you to spend money without leaving your seat. But the process needed for the registration, confirmation, credit card linking, shipping information, etc. defeats the original purpose of the idea of “comfortable and effortless shopping.”  As Facebook already introduced the option for transferring money to a Facebook friend, just by using the Messenger, it was clear that the next step would be to make Facebook a place where you can not only send, but spend money.

So far, everybody was able to buy stuff on Facebook, but it was only the game items and other virtual goods. The company is now looking to redefine the whole “one click shopping” experience. Imagine if you just needed to click the BUY button on the targeted add that appears on your FB news feed, and the product is already on its way to your doorstep. No need to leave Facebook, and be redirected to the on-line store of the goods manufacturer, no need to register, enter the credit card number, shipping address and do all those boring procedures. The idea is to add your credit or debit card to your Facebook profile, along with your personal info, shipping address, contact, pretty much everything that is already on your profile, and then just use Facebook to buy things online. What this actually means is that FB will automatically forward your necessary data to the merchandiser, without you having to do anything. The only thing that you will receive is a Facebook message with the receipt and the confirmation of the purchase, and you can use the chat to make adjustments to the purchase.

This implementation will revolutionize the shopping habits of internet user, encouraging more buying and increasing the profits of the companies that advertise on Facebook. There is no doubt that, if and when this idea is implemented, Facebook will become a lot richer and an essential factor in shopping.