There was a life threatening shooting in a Swedish restaurant  indicating the presence of gangsterism in the so called peaceful city. This incident has raised concern about the crime rate of the cities in Sweden like Gothenburg – where the incidence occurred with Stockholm and Malmo. However, the crime rate in the United States is much more compared to why is going on now within Swedish cities.


Two people were killed in a busy restaurant at Gothenburg on Wednesday night, when some suspected gangsters fired shots from automatic guns at everyone present also injuring about twelve persons.

After the incidence occurred, the police said that investigations have not began yet, but they believe “that this incident has to do with ongoing gang conflicts in Goteborg.” Klas Friberg, the police chief said.

The police has increased its efforts to put an end to gangsterism in Gothenburg more than a year ago. As a result, a lot of guns and other weapons have been seized for gangsters, and they have arrested and prosecuted 60 gangsters with a lot left out.

Responding to the attack, Klas Friberg, the regional police chief still said: “We have a serious situation in Gothenburg where many people have been murdered. We have different types of criminal gangs who … are ready to use aggravated violence in retribution attacks or to win market share.”

Klas Friberg said that – “We have maybe about 100 men in different gangs who are ready to use violence or commit crimes. They think about crime 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s impossible for us to be everywhere.”

Those at the scene of the crime told the media in Sweden that the criminal could not be identified because two of them were putting on masks with automatic guns. The Police also ascertained that those killed by gun shots were two young men that looked to be just above 20 years of age, those with injuries are receiving treatment at the hospital.

The shootings occurred in Biskopsgarden, at Gothenburg. This area has been plagued with illegal drugs war between different gangs waring to be in control of the drug market. So the shooting incidence is related to the gangsterism within this region that the police has been trying to curb.