After a tight vote today in the FIFA headquarters, the Federation of International Football Associations has a new – old president, as Sepp Blatter has won the elections again. This time around, it wasn’t a clean victory with a large margin like in the previous elections, as the vote had to go to the second round.


Sepp Blatter an experienced football worker from Switzerland, who will turn 80 next year, has won another term as the president of FIFA, as he got more votes that the opponent, Ali bin al-Hussein, the Prince of Jordan. As the recent scandals with corruption in the FIFA headquarters have shown that this organization has a lot of “rotten apples”, the new – old president Blatter vowed that he will use his last term to “bring responsibility back to FIFA” and end the corruption issues.

But the elections have again caused a lot of corruption talk, as it is thought that the only reason that Blatter got elected again, is the system of voting which isn’t exactly perfect, nor proportionate. Each and every one, of the 209 members of FIFA, has a vote of the same significance, so the president of the biggest football (soccer) organization in the world can be chosen by representatives of countries with low interest in football, and poorly developed leagues and national associations.

The president of FIFA makes a lot of money, as all the other committee members, without any bribes and corruption. Every member of the FIFA committee makes around 300.00 US dollars a year, and gets a plus of over 500 US dollars a day, for expenses. All of them stay at five star hotels at the expense of the organization, and travel first class. This is why there is a shadow casted on the reelection of Blatter, as it is presumed that the committee members from small African, Asian American countries supported Blatter so that they can keep their priviledges.