According to study, men over 40 have a hard time giving their partners the needed orgasm.  Vices such as smoking, drinking, drug abuse and any other unhealthy habits may have taken its toll. The worse consequence of it is the decline in testosterone level and the decrease in semen volume.  The ingredients in the best cum pills have been carefully chosen and combined for the best results. Read my Semenax review to know more about how to overcome this problem.

Sexual related problems such as low sex drive and premature ejaculation can be caused by vices mentioned above.  Moreover, there are just men who were not gifted to have a sexual stamina and ejaculation control needed to keep their partners satisfied. We always thought that having the bigger penis can do it all.  Well, guess what, we thought wrong.  You also need the stamina, good amount of semen and control over ejaculation.

Semenax is a men’s sexual health supplement that not only increases the quantity, but the potency and level of the pleasure of ejaculation while increasing levels of orgasm. This herbal supplement provides a safe alternative to prescription and chemical alternatives for sexual health. Semenax is developed in cGMP certified and tested medical labs and consists of 18 high-quality ingredients. Delivered to the body of a period of time, the buildup of the formula will increase one’s libido. This 100% natural formula will increase the volume of semen to make a more sexually enjoyable interaction during intercourse

There are many notable ingredients in this formula such as Catuaba Bark. Catuaba Bark is used to enhance sexual function by stimulating the nervous system and scientific journals support these claims. Another ingredient in Semenax is Maca. Maca extracts are known to heighten libido and improve semen quality. Studies have shown that Maca root can help to solve various kinds of sexual dysfunction as well as increase sperm production, sperm motility, and semen volume. L-Arginine is a key component of Semenax and is commonly included in men’s sexual health medications as it helps with erectile dysfunction and male fertility. L-Lysine promotes hormone production in the body and is another ingredient in Semenax. Pumpkin seeds and Swedish flower both assist with prostate health. Zinc oxide helps to improve the libido and finally Vitamin E will assist in blood flow to help sustain an erection.

Semenax is an over-the-counter dietary supplement with all-natural ingredients formulated to increase the quality and quantity of semen. The emphasis here is the improvement both in quality (i.e., fertility) and quantity (i.e., volume) of the semen since these two aspects are of equal importance.

These substances work by boosting the functions of the parts of the male reproductive system, specifically the seminal vesicles, the prostate, and the testicles where the fluids that make up semen are picked up along the way, so to speak. It must be noted that semen is made up of fluids coming from the seminal vesicles, prostate and testicles, among others. Each of these fluids has distinctive characteristics, such as a yellowish viscous fluid from the seminal vesicles and clear fluids from the prostate.


The ingredients in Semenax were chosen by the manufacturer based on their synergy capabilities with each other. These substances each had specific benefits brought by their beneficial nutrients toward increased semen quantity but each one also worked well with the other ingredients for improved semen quality.

Semenax is certainly among the best male enhancement formulas available today, and is used by porn stars all over the world – including adult film legend Ron Jeremy. Semenax pills have been around for several years and are the original semen pill as well as the bestselling one. Their reputation for customer support is very good and they have a long history of success and satisfied customers.

Customer feedback indicates that most men will experience a 400%-500% increase in semen volume when using Semenax, and this usually occurs over a period of 3-6 months, although this time period may vary slightly. Noticeably bigger semen loads, much stronger orgasms, and improved sexual stamina and desire should be noticeable within the first week or two of using Semenax.