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Image credit: Wikipedia

Another theft case similar to what happened a few years ago with Edward Snowden happened back in August when Harold T. Martin III was arrested. Apparently, he did the same thing that Edward Snowden did and was from the same company as him, Booz Allen Hamilton.

According to the New York Times, this man was arrested in August for stealing secret information from the NSA while working for the NSA. This is similar to what Snowden did because back in 2013, he was also working for Booz Allen Hamilton, stole some secret and sensitive information from the NSA and sent it to some journalists.

Although Martin was secretly arrested by the FBI in August, the sealed documents about his arrest were opened and released on Wednesday. Martin has been accused of stealing secret information from the NSA and at the time of his arrest, he was working as a contractor for the Defense Department after leaving his job at the NSA. He has been charged with not only the unauthorized removal or retention of classified documents but he has also been charged with theft of Government property.

Martin, 51, was arrested while his home was raided by the FBI in August. Apparently, he stole the sealed documents that may have been full of secret and sensitive information and took them to his home. Although he was arrested for these allegations, it is just under investigation now. According to the report, his neighbor was watching when he was taken out of his home and the neighbor stated that there were about two dozen FBI agents who were wearing military style uniforms and were armed with long guns who stormed the house and then brought Martin out of his home in handcuffs.

According to US News, the arrest report was not made public until Wednesday. It was released by the Justice Department because they also released a criminal complaint against Mr. Martin since the information he took may cause, “exceptionally grave danger” to the NSA if it were to be released.

Now, thinking of the fact that first Edward Snowden and now Mr. Martin both took secret and sensitive information from the NSA and they both worked for the same company, the precautionary measures that the NSA had taken to prevent this from happening may not be working too well at all.