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There is a very thin line between fun and danger, especially when it comes to adventure escapades. Who could ever think that the exciting visit of 30 people in Trolltunga will end up to a tragedy when Kristi Kafcaloudis who happens to be part of the group lost her balance while standing on the cliff’s edge, taking pictures.

“We are comforted by the thought that Kristi was doing what she loved most and that is living her life full of dreams and adventures with her friends”, Kristi’s mother said.

Trolltunga is a tourist destination on the mountainside of Norway. It forms an austere rock which outcrops on the said mountain. And this has lured daredevil photographers for many years now. This cliff stands at 2,300 feet over Lake Ringedalsvatnet. It is interesting to note that tourists love to jump up and down on this place, dangling their legs from the outcropping and doing cartwheels. To many tourists, this was simply an adrenalin rushing adventure but for Kristi Kafcaloudis, visiting the place means death.

Kristi is an exchange student from Monash University, Melbourne Australia. She is only in Norway for an exchanged program at Bergen University.

“I happen to visit the place and it does look creepy. However, as long as you do safe things, it won’t pose any danger”. Marta Jimenez said; another exchange student from Spain.