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New York blast happened last Saturday evening, specifically in West 23rd Street. The explosion blew windows and it has shocked many since its sound reached several blocks away. According to reports, the explosion originated from a black metal construction tool box. However, there are those telling that it came from a rubbish bin.  But according to US media report, shrapnel-filled pressure cookers were found nearby. And similar device was used during Boston Marathon explosion last 2013.

“The explosion sounded like a huge thunder strike that shook our entire block”, Huffington Post employee Meg Robertson said. She lives 8 blocks south to where the blast took place.

“The blast does not have any ties on “international terrorism”. However, this is still considered as a terrorist activity; said New York Governor Andrew Cumo.

Some people were detained in connection to the bombing but the 29 injured individuals were released after they have been treated in the hospital. According to New York Times, 5 people were taken by the FBI to its Manhattan office for questioning but none was charged with a crime.

“New Yorkers must know that they can confidently go back to their respective works and that the city is up and running”. The authorities are doing all they can”, assured Mayor Bill de Basio after the bombing happened.

The United Nations General Assembly meeting will be held in New York this week. In line with this, foreign dignitaries are expected to come. Hence, a bigger presence of visitors and residents is expected. To prevent the bombing from happening again, heavy weapons and canines are placed in stations hubs to heighten security as per Carlos Gomez, the city’s Police Chief.  On top of this, 1,000 New York State Police as well as National Guard officers have been deployed to subway stations as declared by Governor Andrew Cuomo last Sunday.

In their effort not to tip off possible suspects, assistant FBI director Bill Sweeney said that they only disclose very little of their investigation.

“A device was discovered adjacent to the blast site and authorities are checking if this is also an explosive. This was sent to Quantico’s FBI lab for analysis”, said Sgt. Brendan Ryan.

The country’s presidential candidates have different statements about what happened. “We need to be tough”, said Trump. But Hilary Clinton remained to be neutral to what happened when she said; “It is necessary to gather all the facts before making any conclusion as to the cause of the explosion”. But to most people of New York, life has to go on.