Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, the infamous Iraqi militant leader, who was on the run for some time, was killed today, the Iraqi officials stated. Al-Douri was Saddam Hussein’s right hand man, and one of the highest officials of the Baath party.


Al-Douri was allegedly killed in Salahuddin province in Iraq, located north of the capital Baghdad. Al-Douri’s supporters are denying the claim that their leader has been killed in the fighting in this Iraqi province. The Naqshbandi Order insurgent group, one of the most significant forces which helped the creation of the Islamic state, was led by the late Al-Douri, who was 72 at the time he was killed.

Al-Douri was Saddam Hussein’s deputy at the time of the invasion of United States of America on Iraq, in 2003. He was the most important Iraqi high level official who evaded being captured by the Americans. The efforts to locate Al-Doury, and bring him to justice were not fruitful, despite the large award for his head. The proof of the significance of Al-Douri to the United States, is the position he had in the famous pack of cards given to US soldiers in Iraq to help them search for fugitives. Al-Douri was the King of Clubs in the pack.

Even though the followers of Al-Doury are claiming that he is still alive, the al-Arabiya TV network released a picture of what seem to be Al-Douri’s dead body. The identity will be confirmed when the DNA test are done in Baghdad, where the body was taken.