Who would ever forget this magnificent actor who made everyone laugh in “Mrs Doubtfire”, took you to an adrenalin surging adventure in “Jumanji” and melt your heart in “Awakening”. Surely, anywhere you go in the world, Robin William is known for his iconic achievement in the movie industry. He seem to be the perfect guy who knows how to be flexible in any role that he is into.


However, it is sad to know that Robin is exactly different in real life. He was not able to adjust with so many things going on around him that lead him to severe depression. News spread that this was caused by the death of his friends and his declining popularity in the movie industry. However, it was lately divulged that he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease in his latter life and was taking several medications to combat its symptoms. A lot of speculations came up that the combined medications’ adverse reactions may have caused psychological effects that made him hang himself to death. Meanwhile, his relatives confirmed that he was sent to rehab in one part of his life due to substance abuse.


Indeed, if you would look at the eventualities, no sane person would dare to tie a rope around one’s neck and wait for one’s death. This is a very dreadful thought to take for a person who has not lost grasp of reality. It takes mental derailment for one to have the courage to hang one’s self like Robin William did. This has not only shocked his personal assistant who was the first one who discovered what happened when he went inside his room but also the entire world who knows this popular actor. It can be very sad that all his effort to have the reputation that he has now only ended up scattering his ashes in San Francisco Bay. However, no one can really tell what happened that time when he committed suicide. And he can’t be blamed for what he did since we really don’t know what he went through.

While many people felt that Robin’s humor is a source of life for everyone, this is not apparently true on his personal perception. Indeed it is true that behind every comedian’s smile lies a troubled heart that needs help. It’s a pity that Robin William has to go. But that’s what life is. It is just sad to think that out of his life’s abundant blessings, he ended up counting his failures.