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Over the years, marketers share the same goal and that is to pursue important leads and eventually turn them to a profit. However, there is no short cut to achieve such goal. You still need to direct the prospect to the sales team and see to it that you won’t mess up along the process. However, your sales technique can be annoying, especially if there are more than one reps calling the same person; an issue that has been resolved when RingLead was introduced to the market.

RingLead takes CRM command and marketing automation data. It looks for contacts linked with accounts taken from public sources in real time. The data will be presented to the agent reps with all the needed information to reach the prospect through email campaign or outbound call. It also looks for account related leads as well as records to identify previous or current work done with the account. And since it also works in the removal of duplicate records, agents have the confidence that they are not calling the same person over and over again. Such feature is called “de-duplication program”. This will help reps discover, avoid and get rid of duplicate client information on their records to come up with better clients’ data quality.

“Our match making technology allows us to address the marketing issues faced by sales team and managers”, said Shai Alfandry; Ringlead’s product, business development and marketing head. “Among the features of our program are connecting prospects to target accounts and alerting reps regarding new leads. Other features include bulk processing options, auto-conversions, de-dumping system and account based lead scoring”, Shai added. The company operates in helping client with its data optimization need and maximizes their sales force as well as their market instances.

“This time, sales reps do not have to deal with customers’ blank databases. RingLead introduced a program that offers up to 41 fields of information for each new lead who comes along”, stated John Kosturos; RingLead’s  Vice President of channel sales and enterprise.

Entering duplicate data can be stopped by RingLead even before it was saved. Recently, they launched a redesigned Capture version. This time, it is added with maximum efficiency, with features including bulk duplicate check, data accuracy ad expanded integration. Capture can also merge data to marketing automation platform and top CRM.

RingLead’s integration with made it more appealing to its users. It is planning to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Sales soft, market and eRecruit, thus making it even more useful to its users.