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Trees are very important to sustain life but the opposite can be true during storm. Their heavy and thick canopies can cause damage from anyone below when they fall. It can cause damage on homes, cars and injure even the people themselves. Some may not see the importance of caring for their trees as part of preparation for tornado and other natural calamities. However, things can get worse than you ever expect it if you fail on this part.

If you think you are too busy to trim your trees then know that trimming and removal service is available in your neighborhood to help you. You don’t really need to do the trimming by yourself especially if it is difficult for you to do.

“Seventy five percent of damage from storm is actually caused by trees. Hence, trees are actually part to be blamed and not just the storm itself”, Micah Pace; an urban forestry specialist said.

Among the common problems noted after a storm are diseased wood, damaged limbs, waterlogged roots, poor pruning or co-dominant trunks.

“The main offender is often times Bradford pears”, Pace added. Often times, their trunks would split during heavy snow or ice. Once this happens, it is impossible for the tree to be saved. And damaged limbs are expected to always fall.

“No one really knows when the damaged branch will fall. Becoming pro-active and removing the branch before it even falls will surely help” Courtney Blevins of Fort Worth region urban Forester working for Texas A & M Forest Service said.

Landscaper Bonnie Reese said she always looks for stress signs in a tree. The most common symptom is finding brown twigs at the limbs end. This part should have green leaves instead for healthy trees. When the twigs are brown, it means the tree is nearing its death said Reese. Hence, it calls for the need for a professional inspection. If the tree is dying, it starts to rot from the inside, resulting to a hollow trunk. And once the tree starts to rot, it becomes a hazard to everyone.

Proper pruning will help prevent injury to the tree”, Blevin said. “This must be done at a proper angle and near the joints. Cutting along the tree’s limbs will not help”, she added. Blevin further explained that thinning branches located adjacent the tree’s trunk will cause tufts of leaves adjacent to the tree’s limbs.

Indeed, there are many things you need to know about trees to be able to care for it well. Hence, hiring a professional will surely be worth it.