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The numbers of nightclubs significantly reduced over the past decade. This has been proven to be true after a survey was conducted by the Association of Multiple Retailers. According to their survey, UK used to run around 3,144 clubs in 2015. However, only 1,733 are currently operating.

“Such decline can be attributed to planning restrictions and refusal of the residents of town centers to be disturbed. And many would blame the clubs themselves for not doing their part to thrive in their trade”, George Bowden of Huffington Post wrote.

However, a few of them still exist like nightclub bath and many others. This is because the public looks for the traditional clubbing activities every weekend where they can divert them mind from a long busy week to a night full of entertainment and fun.

Apart from Mr. Bowden’s reason for such decline, other forms of entailment caused division in the crowd. Among them are festival celebrations; a type of entertainment that gives high value to your money. In fact, many would call festivals as “the cheap club”.

Concerts have become a fad nowadays too. And if you are tight in your budget then opt for concerts and headline gigs instead. These days, expansion of large pub brands is very common.

Meanwhile, revelers look for alternatives that are off the book. Traditional night clubs can be too costly especially for students and often times restrictive. Hence, illegal rave becomes very common.

Others opt to buy alcohol at their local supermarket and drink it at home. This offers great savings and still gives in to your craving without the need to travel somewhere else.

Some people feel that the best way to spend their hard earned money is to fill their stomach. This is why there are many entrepreneurs who divert to food business which they find more profitable than other types of trades.

But there are people who go for a healthier option and they would rather spend their time in a fitness centers rather than in the nightclubs while many are simply hooked to the internet where they find social media and games more entertaining.

As they say, clubbing has fallen out of favor but there are people who would insist that this form of entertainment is still a hit up to these days. And this is the reason why these forms of entertainment can still be found anywhere.