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The casts of Real Housewives had their fair share of psychic experience in their encounter with a Turkish psychic Sema. She just nailed it when all she uttered were unbelievably true, leaving the ladies crying! Did she know all these because they are celebrities? But what about their untold secrets, how did she know all these?

These days, psychic readings have gained popularity. In fact, you can even have psychic readings by phone. But for the casts of the famous American reality television series; “Real Housewives of New York City”, getting it is worth travelling to the faraway land of Queens; New York to meet Sema known as a “coffee cup reader”. They even wondered if the producer gave her a hint before Dorinda Medley, Heather Thomson and Carole Radziwill got there. “She was just spot on!”; the ladies declared.

Here’s what Sema told Carole; “Someone from the past is coming back. And he is doing this to ask forgiveness from you. This looks like your deceased husband”. Is this a coincidence that Carole is planning for a trip to London to get the ashes of Anthony Radziwill (her deceased spouse)?

But to Carole’s surprise, Sema didn’t stop there. She mentioned about the black jeep that she and Anthony used to own and even went through the details including the scratch on the jeep that caused their first fight. “How come she knows about this? I never told anyone about it and never even dared to write it. This psychic’s words are very specific, giving me enough reason to listen intently to every details of what she said”; Carole stated.

Sema turned to Heather; “Don’t worry about your son; Jax’s hearing loss surgery. Everything will turn out well; she said as if knowing the apprehensions that Heather has in mind.

For Dorinda, Sema mentioned about the balloon that came to her after her husband passed away.

Such psychic reading turned out to be very emotional. Apart from the fact that every words uttered are true, this brought comfort to these lovely girls. After all, these are the issues that are bogging in their minds. And since these have something to do with those people who meant a lot to them, they can’t help to react to what has been said and be emotional.

“We are going to call you”! This was the parting words that they all said to Sema. After all, she has touched one sensitive issue in their individual lives in a positive way.