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Psychic readings may be seen in many views and perspectives but they have one common goal and that is to bring the needed closure and healing for everyone.

“I work by connecting living people with their dead loved ones. As I bring them through, I am able to provide validation and at the same time closure to both of them”, Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry said. Tyler discovered his clairvoyant medium ability when he was still 10 years old, getting a vision that his cancer stricken grandma will pass away. Upon waking up, he told his parents that they should visit his grandma and truly, she died that before they even had the chance to leave.

How is psychic reading done then? Contrary to what you may think that they are seeing dead people walking like in the movie; “The Sixth Sense”, Tyler explained how he picks up tiny details of information from the spirit world. “I am picking tidbits of information from the other side the moment I walk into a room all the time. However, I developed the skill to put this ability on the backburner so I can still live a normal life”, Tyler said. “I just open myself up when I sit with a person so I can focus on one’s energy, get images on my mind, feel past circumstances and connect the message so I can convey them to the right person”, he added.

Psychics see a distinct side of any person’s life as they are connected to their deceased loved ones. Once the message from the other side of the world is delivered to the living person, psychics will usually get a special feeling in return. Real psychics find joy in seeing both the living and the dead reconnect and have the chance to open up.

“Inherently, my ability is unique and it gives me an overwhelming feeling”, Tyler said. Sometimes, as he does a psychic reading, he would feel palpitations and other cardiac symptoms, giving him the reference on how the person died. He also experiences profuse sweating and sometimes has rashes during the course of the reading. But through it all, this is what Tyler has to say; “Seeing happy faces of people who made a closure with their dead loved ones is all worth it”.

A lot of critics question the credibility of psychics too but no one can really judge about the authenticity of their readings unless one has to try it first.