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It’s sure hard to raise a family without a home. However, even the act of purchasing a house can be such a stressful experience. After all, more than its price, you also need to look for other factors like the safety, comfort and accessibility. Of course, you can never find a perfect place to stay these days. But you will surely not want to end up buying a house like the Bever home.

Real estate agents are not supposed to disclose anything negative about the property’s past.  Besides, if you are the owner of the house, you would want to sell your house fast. But for the Bever home that has been featured in the news, it can be possible that the buyer is already aware what occurred in this place long ago.

Looking at it, Bever home is quiet, endowed with a quiet neighborhood. Going to the park will just be a short walk from the house and it comes with a lovely backyard. it’s a luxury house at Magnolia Court in Broken Arrow and seems to be a fine place to stay and raise a family. However, things can be a lot different if you would know its past.

Bever home is a place where a gruesome killing activity occurred. Robert and Michael Bever were accused of killing their parents and 3 younger siblings. The reason for such murder was not yet known. Their dad works at HP and their mom stays home with the children where she looks closely over them. They are also home schooled and were not allowed to play with the neighbors.

“We did not see any problem with them. We saw kids mowing the lawn and played there while their mom watches over them”, the neighbor recalled. That is why authorities are still puzzled until now  why these kids committed such crime.

“We plan to do more shootings outside our homes after the incident”, Robert admitted. They were believed to film the entire murder scene by setting up cameras before the attack.

In a home like Bever, you have no choice but to start your selling price at a very low rate and never expect it to be higher than the stipulated amount. If there is any person who will be interested to stay on such property, he will surely bid the price to a very low cost.

Your home can lose one third of its’ value if you own a home like Bever’s home.