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President Obama’s physician report states that he’s in a good shape even in his 50’s and that his health has ever been improving over time, showing that he will be in the best of health throughout his term.

President’s Obama’s medical check-up this February showed that health is not dependent on the circumstance where you are in. It all depends on how you manage your life, putting balance between self-preservation and work.

It is true that a lot of men, just like women, have body issues as well. And for many, this is the main reason why they give so much importance to their fitness and health.  That is why Adonis Golden Ratio training program guide and its counterparts surfaced in the market these days. But exercise is more than just to look good. It is to endure your age and be in the best of health even at the age of 54. Obama is a living witness on what a regular fitness program can do. At 54, he weighs 175 pounds, has low blood pressure and his heart rate is well below average.  All these happened amidst his very busy schedule, proving that you can never be too busy to become healthy.

President Obama, as we know has paid the price of being fit. He eats healthy, drinks alcohol moderately and only occasionally and does not smoke. Running a country can be such an overwhelming task to do but he still finds time to exercise daily, doing aerobics training regularly as well as resistance weight training.

“President Obama’s medical checks showed that his overall health remains excellent”, Dr. Ronny L Jackson; the president’s doctor said. “Being actively involved in a consistent exercise program and having a healthy diet rewarded him with a lean body mass as well as low level of cholesterol”, he added.

Obama’s health has been recognized all over the world. In fact, Business Insider mentioned in one of his published posts that he is the most fit president that the country ever had. And even if he has the most stressful job in the country, he managed to be in better shape compared to all average citizens of the country.

Instead of drinking scotch or smoking, President Obama opts to end his day with a 30 minute exercise before retiring to bed. And he is involved in other activities that keep him fit; a quality that every commander in chief appointed for the country must do.