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A flyer printing company is now facing a potential law suit after declining a woman order to copy flyers that critiqued Planned Parenthood.

Maria Goldstein ordered for flyer printing but the flyer printing store refused to do so saying that her documents ill-treated people who are believers of legalized abortion.

“I ordered flyer printing online but received a call later of the same day and was told that the company need to talk about my order. And when I called their office or their chamber office depot, they said that my order could not be printed since the content was prohibited by their corporate policy. When I inquired what their corporate policy was, they refused to inform me. And then they kind of handed me down the line until I ended up calling corporate, they did not make a return call”, Goldstein related.

When asked if Goldstein was not attempting violence against anybody, she answered confidently by clearing out 2 misconceptions. First is that her flyer printing request does not hope to create a hate speech as it was accused of. This is because the flyer contains a prayer and prayer is always to benefit someone and not against. She also mentioned about the undercover Planned Parenthood video where a technician saw an aborted baby on the train. She saw the baby’s heart beating and still cut through the face to harvest the brain, Goldstein felt this alone calls the need for strong words in a prayer.

Fox News asked the side of the concerned flyer printing company and this is what the company’s Spokesperson; Karen Denning said; “our company prohibits copying of any kind of material which advocate some form of religious or racial discrimination, or even maltreatment of some groups of individuals”.

Is opposing Planned Parenthood be considered a form of persecutions or discrimination? Goldstein’s legal representative; Thomas Olp answered this query by reiterating what the flyer was labeled by their opponent; “They called it “hate speech” and termed the prayer that calls for planned parenthood conversion as well as the enlightenment of individuals in the abortion industry as graphic material which violated their company’s policy”.

The second thing that Goldstein wants to clear is the “anti-abortion” label she has been called all over the media. She refused being called as such. She would rather want to be called a “pro-woman”.  She has seen the pain in women who had abortion and all that she wants is to save these women from the pain. She even claimed that she treats people in the abortion industry with love.