Pope Francis has joined Instagram and, breaking David Beckham’s record of gaining one million followers within 24 hours, the Pope gained one million followers within 12 hours. His first photo he posted on the social media account was one of him kneeling down in prayer. With that photo, he received 50,000 likes and comments. He captioned the photo with the words, “pray for me” in nine different languages.

According to CNN, the Pope is not new to social media since he already has a Twitter account and although this is his first Instagram account, the Vatican already had one. However, this account, with the handle of “Franciscus” is handled by other people since the Pope is just as busy with things in life as everyone else is. Yep! The Pope is just like us and is a human being like all of us with a busy life like the rest of us! His Twitter account is also handled by other people.

According to the report, news of the Pope’s decision to join Instagram broke Thursday and comes just a few weeks after his meeting with the CEO of the social media website, Kevin Systrom.

When the two men met last month, they talked about how photos can unite people together. They discussed the power images have on people, especially to “unite people across different cultures and languages.” They also discussed about how the Pope was thinking of joining the social media website. And, now he has and has gained so many followers that he has beaten the Kardashian’s, especially Kim K.

The CEO of Instagram, Systrom, was online when the Pope posted his first image on the site. He then commemorated the moment of His Holiness joining the social media site by posting a photo of the two men meeting for the first time and shaking hands. Here is what he said when he posted the photo of the Pope and him meeting for the first time,

Watching Pope Francis post his first photo to Instagram today was an incredible moment. @Fransicus, welcome to the Instagram community! Your messages of humility, compassion and mercy will leave a lasting mark.

Another thing the Pope could be celebrating besides joining Instagram on Saturday and posting his first photo of himself kneeling in prayer is that Saturday also marked the third anniversary of him being inaugurated in as the Pope. A lot to celebrate there!

According to The Washington Post, there should be many photos posted by the Pope and the Vatican showing how he greeted many children and met many famous people. In fact, he got to hold and meet a baby Pope, a baby dressed up as him, while he was on his way to Independence Mall in Philadelphia during his trip to the United States. Also, maybe he will post a photo that was taken of him greeting a five-year-old who was taken past security to meet the Pope and give him a letter asking for immigration reform. The little girl was born in the United States after her parents came over here illegally. The little girl’s name is Sophie Cruz. Pope Francis has spoken strongly about his urge to politicians about passing immigration reform.

Let’s not forget when he met President Obama and the photo of the two together shows them in deep conversation. And, then there was that time when he met the U. N Secretary General Ban-Ki moon and don’t forget about that time when he made the House Speaker, John A. Boehner cry. Hopefully he posts these photos to his account so we can all share in these memories with him.

[Photo by Youtube.com]