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Republican Party Candidate; Donald Trump is showing great confidence that he will win this November’s presidential election. In fact, he claimed to have a sweeping win in the country’s 7 states including Georgia, Alabama, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Vermont, Tennessee and Virginia. But this created different reactions on the part of the country’s voters. And surprisingly, Donald’s predicted victory resulted to sudden surge in the numbers of Americans who desired to migrate to the north of the country’s border; Canada.

Google search about moving to Canada spiked to 1,150% due to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. As expected, any crazy development of country drives American north and one of this is the fear of having the real estate tycoon elected as the country’s next president.

What makes Canada so enticing for Americans then? One is the Cape Breton Island’s luring offers. Among these are its religious diversity, liberal laws, affordable housing and abortion laws. In fact, one of Canada’s tourism campaign states; “Do not wait for the time when Donald Trump will sit as the country’s president before you decide to migrate to Canada. Start the process now so you have the privilege of just hopping on the bus during the election day and travel to Cape Breton where you can start a new life”. The Canada’s tourism website further indicated that anyone is allowed to enter their country regardless of one’s political affiliation.

However, moving to Canada is easier said than done. This country no longer accepts investor visas and added restrictions on many others. There are also new guidelines on the skilled workers accepted to this place.  Among the options you have when migrating is to apply as skilled worker and professional, Canadian Experience, Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers, Provincial Nominees as well as a Family Sponsored. However, a lot of researches need to be done when moving to this country.  And the people who entice Americans to move North may also be the same group who initiated the same suggestion when President George W. Bush won the elections.

On the other hand, when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked about his thoughts regarding the idea of Americans migrating to his country, this is what he said; “I respect the voters’ decisions but this does not mean I am supporting Trump’s election tactics as well. What’s important is that we maintain a positive relationship with whoever will be elected as president of America.  But I believe that scaring people will not result to a safer place to live in. Instead of making us safer, fear makes us even weaker”.

Bottom line is, it is important to know the essentials in life so you can always make informed decisions for the rest of your life. And this includes migrating to Canada or not.