Have you ever seen a YouTube video on cute cats dancing only to find out that they are only following the string that their owner waves in front of them? Cats are born with extra ordinary reflexes and this starts to appear when they reach 3-4 weeks old. This ability will also be perfected in its 6th to 7th week of age. In fact, their righting reflex allows them to fall without getting hurt since they have bodies with flexible bones and surprisingly no collar bones! And they have the ability to orient themselves even before their body gets to the ground.

Have you ever found a cat falling from a several floor building without even a scratch? This is because they have an innate technique on how to protect themselves when falling like tucking their front less thereby reducing the moment of inertia, bending the middle part of their body and many others. Cats are even touted to have 7 lives. However, they can still get injured from extreme fall.

However, have you ever wondered why they love following moving objects? If you get a string and move it around in circles, they will follow it regardless of its direction. Well, this has something to do with their “hunter instinct”. They love following anything moving as they do when they hunt for their prey. In fact, they even love it when they can’t see what causes the motion. If you hide your hand with a cloth and move it around, they would perceive that it is a mouse hidden beneath the cloth. Just be careful since they will ultimately scratch or bite it when they finally get hold of it. Hence, if you wanted to create a vide with dancing, just play around with a string in front of them and they will surely have funny synchronized body movements that you will find cute. I have seen many great videos on cats in several sizes who dances all the way with the music just by merely following a moving object.

While watching this video, I wonder if cats are naturally born stupid or they just have uncontrollable reflexes. But whether they do their funny ways by purpose or not, this made them one of the cutest pet you can ever have. Never thought that dogs are good dancers too. Watch this video for some hilarious animal behaviors that would make you laugh till you drop.