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Men are less expressive when it comes to things that they want. In fact, you can ask your brother or friend what he wants as a gift and he will jokingly reply “cash”.

However, this doesn’t mean you will stop looking for the perfect gift to surprise a guy. For sure, there is one specific present that will blow him away.  Perhaps there is something that he wants but just don’t buy it since it costs more than he can afford or he can’t give justice for such expenditure. This will be the perfect holiday present you can give to your man.

Here are top 4 gifts that men really want to receive:

Over the top gadget

This can be very expensive but it’s one way of telling your man how he really means to you. In this world with modern technology, it is impossible for a man not to have a particular gadget in mind that he longs for. It can be the latest Samsung galaxy tablet that costs almost $500 or something else.

Self-Improvement Kit

Do you know that men are as conscious as women when it comes to their looks? But sometimes, they set aside their needs for a self-improvement kit so they can buy other necessities of their family. But let him be pampered on holidays by upgrading his ordinary razor and shaving cream to something else. Why not buy him a kit that has an after shave balm, brush, cream and double edge safety razor as part of the package? Your man will surely love it.

Gifts that will last

Although fashion may only last for a few months, other clothes are considered timeless. Examples of these are navy blue suit, white oxford shirt or Ray-Ban Wayfarers. You can also invest on items with 30 years warrantee such as the 30 Year Sweatshirt designed by British designer Tom Cridland in his attempt to get rid of modern fashion disposability.


Sometimes the greatest gifts are intangible but leave eternal memories in one’s heart. These are the experiences you can give to the person you love. Curtis Wong of Huffington post proved this to be true when he said; “Taking scuba lesson has been my topmost wish list since High School but I find this very expensive. So, my wish lives on”.

Remember that the value of your gift is not solely gauged on its price. The though that comes with it makes it appreciated even more.