Our family is important, even if the world says that they are not. Some of us may be brought up in a culture where family ties are considered to be less essential compared to fame and riches in this world. Well, that’s what you may initially think but I assure you that in the end, you will realize what matters most.
This article reminds me on a story of a simple fisherman who is contented with just a few fish caught for the day. On his way home, he met a rich guy who summoned him to go back fishing. When he asked why, the wealthy man replied that this is the only way for him to earn money by selling extra fishes in the market. When asked what he will do with the money, the rich man said it will allow him to buy a bigger fishing net that allows him to catch more fishes. Then the fisherman asks what he will do with the extra money that he will earn. The wealthy man said; “With this, you can buy a small fishing boat. This will mean bigger earnings as well”. The fisherman asked again what will happen next. The rich man replied; ‘This means you can buy a bigger fishing vessel that allows you to go to a deeper sea and hire more people to fish for you. Again the fisherman asked; “Then what happens next? Well, the rich man replied; “If you have a bigger boat, earn lots of money and hire more people to do the work for you, you will have enough time to spend with your family.

Well, the fisherman replied; “Sir, with a few fish that I caught today, I can afford to spend enough time with my family. Hence, I don’t need to be very rich to do it.”

Like Paris Jackson, you and I need our family and we don’t need to wait to experience life like Paris to come up with such realization. After all, simple things in life are sources of true happiness..

EXCLUSIVE Paris Jackson Family Paris Jackson is back in the L.A. area — possibly with a boyfriend — and we’ve learned the point of the visit is to re-establish Jackson family ties. Paris was hanging out in Calabasas Wednesday night with some friends as guardian T.J. Jackson followed closely […]