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Brett Peaks is one of the many men suffering from varicose veins. He used to play basketball while in college and have worked as a lawyer in the past. Life has been easy and happy for him until he started suffering from the discomforts brought about by varicose veins.

“I just remember finding myself one day experiencing achy and tired legs. And the discomforts heightened whenever I exercise” Brett relayed. “All these symptoms keep on hunting me since I was 28 years old”, he added.

At first, Brett just ignored the pain. However, he can’t help but to address it when it got worse. Brett was wondering though since he was still young and is a male (knowing that varicose veins are commonly found on women). When Brett is 35 years old, the varicose veins are very visible and noticeable. And by this time, Brett is running a dental office.

“My grandmother had varicose veins. And I did not expect to inherit it considering the fact that I am still very young and I’m a male”, Brett said.

The presence of varicose veins is unsightly. And this becomes an issue especially when summer comes for this is a season of the year when everyone wears shorts.  Brett discovered that varicose veins can also affect men. Worse is that this does not only affect one’s appearance but it can lead to further medical issues.

Fortunately, USA Vein Clinics New York office offers a painless way to resolve varicose vein issues. And removing the “pain” part helps ease worries among people suffering from varicose veins. In America alone, there are 40 million people who have varicose veins and 25% of then belong to the population of men. And since Brett has the history of varicose veins, it is not surprising that he will have it too at his young age.

“Varicose veins may lead to blood clots and skin ulcers when they are not addressed well”; as per National Institutes of Health. When the individual has varicose veins, one’s valve is not functioning well, causing the blood to flow back. It produces swelling on the vein as well as pooling in the leg.

Fed up by the varicose vein’s discomfort, Brett finally sought for medical help.  And treatment was done through a jacket tipped laser fiber. It works by sealing the inside of varicose veins. It will then keep the blood from flowing backward. And since anesthetics are used, it comes out painless.