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If you feel like your life seems empty then consider going on a date. This will add spice to your boring and dull daily routine. Nothing can be more exciting than waking up happily in the morning, knowing that you will meet your special someone later that day.

But what if you are too shy to go on a date? Well, asking a girl can be hard but it is a skill that can be learned. Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box may help you on this matter. But if even the thought of meeting someone personally just makes your knees shake then better initiate your first move in a less threatening way. You can go for online dating and have the advantage of getting used to the person’s company online first before you finally meet-up.

According to statistics, only 1% of Americans successfully find their partners through matchmaking services or personal ads in 1992. By 2009, with the advent of internet technology, 22% of heterosexual partners met online and 61% of homosexual couples met using the same platform.

Today, even shy type of individual can choose among the variety of partner selections online. But however good online dating may look, psychologists claim that they have some downsides as well. Dating websites may distort the individual’s expectations and outlook, reducing the chances for the couple to create a successful relationship.

In an online dating study commissioned by the Psychological Scientists in the Public Interest, this is what Dr. Eli J. Finkel; the lead author of the review has to say; “online dating offers wonders for it allows individuals to find their partners which they can’t find using other methods. But there are other things in online dating business that will undermine some of its greatness”.

One weakness pointed in the study is the fact that people who use online dating rely so much on profiles. Despite the effort exerted by the dating website to unveil the personality of the person, the data is still not enough to define the individual.

“Majority of people does not really know what they are looking for in a date though they may fully claim that they do”; Finkel said.

Many people don‘t know what makes them attractive to other people. Hence, the data that you can find on the person’s profile is not enough to know if you can create a connection to that person. And regardless if you spend long hours reading one profile to another, it will still be hard to identify who among them you can create a romantic spark.

After they have done all the research, these are the final words that Finkel has to say about dating; “No amount of online dating website can replace even a 2 minute coffee break with someone whom you want to know more”. Being physically present is still your best option.