Although not all the details are clear yet, there will be plenty of new features that make the new Microsoft Office, to be released later in 2015, different from previous versions.

According to Julia White’s blogpost from the Office 365 team, the next MS Office version is to be released in the second half of 2015. This follows the tradition of releasing a new version once in three years with Office 2013 being the latest.

The new version will be named Office 2016 and it is specifically designed for keyboard and mouse users. Versions for Windows as well as MacOS are to be released together.

According to licensing policies, it is expected that Office 365 users will get the newest version with all the features as soon as it is released, just like it worked with Office 2016. Although today most of Office users are corporations who pay for the license and get unlimited updates, Microsoft is likely to implement some form of subscription service pretty soon, which may become the new default.

In a blog post, Microsoft said that the new Office will be full of “compelling new experiences”, meaning mostly that there are lots of new features, that you don’t even know you need yet, but which you can’t later live without. Unfortunately, no information about these features has been forwarded to the media yet.

The spokesperson of Microsoft has only said that there will be great new experiences, however, it might not be what corporate users who need stability and ease of use are actually looking for.

The most used applications of Microsoft Office are Outlook and Word, these also need to perform the best and be more effective than they already are with Office 2013 for users to upgrade. This makes it highly likely that Microsoft is going to release a stand-alone version of the software for desktops.

For now it is still early and the spokesperson of Microsoft can’t confirm whether or not there will be a preview Office 2016 version available for evaluation for IT people. However, thanks to beta testing that’s on the way, some information could leak out and we’ll be sure to forward it to you.