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Technology evolves over time. And though improved features are expected from newly introduced products, this is not always the case especially when it comes to appliance models. Many still finds old appliance models to be better when it comes to durability and efficiency.

“For 30 years, I have been through four kitchen remodeling projects. Aesthetically, it significantly improves the place but in terms of the new appliances’ efficiency, I ended up getting worse results”, relayed Caroline Mayer from Next Avenue.

“I ended with a dishwasher that does not wash, a mixer with scary loud noise and a grill with only half life than was expected. Is there something wrong with how these appliances are made?”, she added.

But Bob Markovich; a Consumer Reports Home and Yard editor, give credit to these machines’ energy efficiency feature. “New refrigerator models only consume half the energy compared to its old counterpart. And new dishwashers available in the market uses one sixth of the water consumed by an old model”, he said.

However, even Bob noticed something wrong with today’s new model appliances. “When these appliances go wrong, expect the issue to be more catastrophic”, he said. “Since these machines are built with electronics, they just stop all at once”, he said.

Bob Matthew; owner of appliance service company in Virginia also said; “new appliances require more repair than the old ones”.

When Daniel Braustein; MIT senior mechanical engineering department lecturer was asked why new models of appliances break easily than the old ones, this is what he said; “Many appliance manufacturing companies put their manufacturing standards offshore since they were pushed to do bottom line performance”.

He explained that many of these businesses delegate the work to design and engineering contractors, resulting to a conflicting interest. To keep up with the competition, manufacturers keep their design and engineering services low. And cutting this part of their operational costs will mean taking shortcuts that will significantly affect the quality of these products.

Manufacturers of these appliances are also compelled to release new products from time to time. The faster these products are launched to the market, the shorter will be their life cycles. Less time is spent to its manufacturing, engineering and testing affect their efficiency and durability.

Customers are the ones who are most affected at the end of the road. They are left with no choice but to decide whether to repair or replace the broken appliance. There are ways to limit the repair expenses. For instance, when it comes to Cooker Repair Services, Oldham Based cooker repair business offers multibranded cooker repair with no call out fees. However, if the cost of the repair is more than half the price of the new appliance, it will be more practical to invest for a new one instead.