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Meet Regina Wyllie; a 9 year old girl from Scotland whose passion in photography led her to a profession that she didn’t expect she can have at her young age. After her first official wedding photo shoots, she has been receiving requests from couples who are planning to tie the knot soon. This youngster maybe too young but her age doesn’t show in her works. And many are now interested for her to document their weddings as well.

“Regina has photography experience for 6 years now”, her father Mr. Kevin Wyllie said. “She was three when she discovered how it felt to be behind the lens. I took her to a mountain bike race photo-shoot and she had her plastic toy camera in a tow”, Mr. Wyllie added.

While Mr. Wyllie was busy shooting for the event, Regina pulled out a compact, small camera and started taking shots. After that experience, she never stopped asking her dad on how to use the camera which even makes photography more interesting to her.

There are many great wedding photographers these days like Raleigh Wedding Photographer and many others. And the best way to identify the best among them is by looking at their work. This is where you can see the passion of the man or woman behind the lens. That’s how Regina’s work turned out to be. On her first wedding photo-shoot, her father took care of the formal photographs while handled the candid shots. Since her works look natural and simply adorable, it made the newly wedded couple and their family very happy. This made her and her father a great team.

When asked by CTV News during her live interview if she was scared while taking wedding pictures, she confidently replied “no” to the anchor. There is just one thing that she finds hard and that is bearing the pain on her feet while standing the entire time as she looks for moments worth capturing for.

Meanwhile, when asked what her father taught her about photography, this was her reply; “Daddy taught me how to adjust the aperture light and how to maneuver the exposure triangle”. This means that the work is no longer foreign to this child after playing with the camera for more than 6 years now.

Regina’s again experienced becoming an official wedding photographer last July 1. And considering her age and talent, everyone can only expect more wedding photography appointments in the following days to come.