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People with Parkinson’s disease have cognitive impairment. To address this issue, scientists invented a video game that will resolve this problem and this is now put into a clinical trial.

The human brain is regarded as the command center of the entire human’s system. When this malfunctions, other parts of the body will be affected. Hence, much has been done to boost its health. Brain supplements were formulated like Geniux supplement. However, more has to be done in worse cases like Parkinson’s disease. Surely, such condition needs more intervention on top of the supplementation.

Parkinson’s major symptoms are body movement related and this is where most of today’s research projects are focused on.  However, their cognitive impairment must be addressed too if you want to improve the quality of their lives.

The newly invented video game known as “MyCognitive measurement tool (MyCQ) will help evaluate the participant’s cognitive function at the comfort of his home with the use of a non-invasive medical device.

“A person with Parkinson’s disease suffers from cognitive difficulties. And it is sad to note that no treatment was discovered to address this issue until now. Most researches dwell on the motor problem of the illness. It is then good news to everyone that the newly invented video game hopes to correct the cognitive issues of Parkinson’s stricken individuals.  MyCognition’s cognitive training program will improve the person’s quality of life”, says Professor Bas Bloem; Parkinson Centre Nijmegen Director.

However, Dr. Beckie Port of Parkinson’s UK admitted that their study still has a long way to go when she said; “We still need to understand why Parkinson’s patient experience memory and thinking problems. But since we know the significance of thinking and memory in a person’s life, we will exert more effort in this study”.

Dr. Port believes that an individualized brain training program will be more beneficial that a one size fits all treatment. After all, no 2 Parkinson’s disease patients will go through exactly the same experience in the course of their illness.

MyCQ tends to personalize its online program, working in the improvement on the person’s cognitive areas which has the greatest need. This comes with a holistic training comprising 5 key cognitive areas such as episodic memory, working memory, execution function, processing speed and attention.

MyCQ is a result of the collaboration of the University of Cambridge’s cognition experts. They used the 200 years of neuropsychiatric research for a 30 minute assessment. Hence, this assessment tool is safe to use. The result of the first trial will be released by 2017.