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New York is known to be the media capital in the world and this does not exclude interesting information provided by palm readers, mentalists, clairvoyants, astrologers and shamans.

Any New Yorker will stop at any information that they can get. Psychics seem very close to New York’s dwellers, even as close as many of us get to spiritual.

Everyone’s affinity to Astrology and paranormal is something that is very common these days, even first ladies admit that they have availed of psychic readings at some points of their lives. Nancy Reagan for instance admitted that she is personally attracted to astrology.  On the other hand, Hilary Clinton conversed with dead people through a medium to get through her tough experience in Pennsylvania Avenue.

Psychic services have definitely improved over the years. However, some people believe that psychic powers are for secular types. Their abilities are used in an acceptable manner to combine greater force and faith. They do so to be oblivious on one’s ambition and control-freakery. Many New Yorkers would even make sure that the job they are about to accept and the apartment they plan to buy is astral okay before they grab any of these opportunities.

New York therapist allegedly are been working with psychics. This can be their way of comforting their patients and tell them that sometimes, things are way beyond their control. “I have made my decision to stop my therapy when my therapist gave me a psychic’s phone number whom I can see when I told her that I will stop my treatment”, a 23 years old fashion designer said.

“They seem to know what their client wants to hear”, Anne Fahey; Chanel’s executive director said. She admitted that she has been availing psychic services for quite some time now. She even hires a psychic who reads on the contents of her handbags that will work on Chanel parties. She said she was told by her psychics to enjoy and have fun with her handbags.

Psychics do a great deal of paranormal activities for their clients. All these are meant to guide their client’s lives. There are even those who asked help from a psychic to find the thing that they lost. Some even try to converse with their pets using psychics as mediums. Though not all who get psychic readings have absolute faith on the pronouncement given, others are very obsessed on the information that they are getting that they allow these to lead their lives. Many brag about good readings they receive that are fulfilled at some point of their lives but most just keep the bad news among themselves.