New York is known to be the world’s most inhabited city. Hence, it is a place for fashion, media, commerce, technology, entertainment, education and research. It is populated with various people including palm readers, mentalists, astrologers, clairvoyants and shemans. And yes, despite the city’s high advanced technology and modern living, people in this place will stop by to hear the latest news and information, including psychic readings.

In the bustling streets of New York City, you commonly find storefront palmists in the glow of their neon signs along the famous Fifth Avenue. These people including their rivals are known as New Yorker’s indispensable support staff.

Many celebrities admitted of their kinship to astrologers. Nancy Reagan is one of them. Hilary Clinton on the other hand is known to use psychic help to communicate with dead people as a way of knowing some of her dark days in Pennsylvania Avenue. And Gwyneth Paltrow employed psychic help to broaden her understanding on the mysteries of life.

Many people in New York avail for psychic readings first before making major decisions like accepting a new job or buying a house. For some people, psychic readings are a good way of empowering one’s faith so it becomes a greater force. New Yorkers find it a better way to deal with rejections when the psychic says that some things are not meant to be. In fact, there are even therapists who team up with psychics to help their patients admit that there are things in life that are beyond our control.

“When I finally decided to end up my therapy my therapist handed me a phone number of a psychic”, a 23 year old woman from a fashion industry said.

“What I love about psychics is the fact that they say what women like me want to hear’ said Anne Fahey; Channel’s Fashion PR executive director. She likes psychic readings to the point of hiring one who bases her psychic readings through handbag contents to work Chanel parties. “The psychic told me that I have to enjoy and have fun with my handbags”, she added.

Today, psychic readings have become very accessible. In fact, they are now available online such as and many others. A lot of people in New York avail of psychic readings for varied reasons. Some may even use this when searching for lost things. Others even employ psychic powers to communicate with their pets. Anyone who avail psychic reading services is not forced to believe the pronouncements. And though many express their delight for the good vibes they get, others just keep the bad part of the experience for themselves.