In the location of the former Bergen Belsen concentration camp, an unknown mass grave has been discovered, the Dutch experts claim. This discovery has been made 70 years after the war has ended.


More than 70.000 people were killed in the camp, between 1941 and 1945. The discovered mass grave is 16 meters long and 4 meters wide, and it was discovered using the testimonials of former prisoners. One of the leaders of the Dutch resistance movement, Jan Verschure,is thought to be buried in the mass grave.

Verschure’s grandson was the one who found the grave, after speaking with the survivors. Vershure told the press that one of the survivors gave him a map showing where his grandfather was buried. Today, it is an empty field.

Further investigation was rendered impossible by the strict Jewish laws, forbidding the digging in that area, Jens Christian Wagner, the memorial center director explained. He added that the entire concentration camp is proclaimed to be a cemetery anyway.

The Bergen Belsen concentration camp was liberated in April 15th, 1945, and was immediately burnt to the ground by the British army, in an attempt to stop the spreading of illnesses, such as the typhus.

Almost all of the 70.000 prisoners who were killed in the camp were buried in the mass graves surrounding the camp, and the camp itself is the grave of more than 10.000 Nazi victims. Ana Frank and her sister Margot were also killed in this infamous concentration camp.