Roofing is the most important element of our homes, which protects us from all the elements, and provides us the proverbial “roof over our head.” The latest research, done by the Australian scientists, yielded unexpected results, as a completely new type of material used for roofing was found, which has an amazing property of staying cooler than then the temperature of the air in the surrounding ambient.


This material is actually a mixture and a carefully made combination of specially chose types of polyester and silver layer, also called “coated polymer stack” which stays much cooler that the conventional high end white roof, which is considered to be the industries golden standard. And the difference is not merely statistical, as the new material stay over 11 degrees cooler!

Geoff Smith and Dr. Angus gentle, who worked on the research project stated that “We demonstrate for the first time how to make a roof colder than the air temperature around it, even under the most intense summer conditions,” adding that “Roofs heat up by absorbing sunlight, so darker roofs can get very hot.  Even white roofs still absorb enough sunlight to warm up by 9 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius.”

As the majority of people in the world live in areas with warm periods of the year, the latest type of roofing technology could be extremely lucrative, especially in the regions with hot temperatures year round, like Phoenix or Miami. The best roofing contractor in San Diego, or in Miami will have his hands full of requests for roofing with this material, as it will lower the expenses of air conditioning and lessen the pollution.

With the new revolutionary roofing material, not only will our electric bill be lower, but we will also have an added value to our property, as houses with roofing made of such modern materials are sure to reach a much better price in the real estate market. It is not long before this material, and similar ones, become a standard in the roofing industry, becoming a part of every home.