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Good news to GED takers, the passing score of such exam is now lowered from 150 to 145. This means that many who failed the exam before will now have greater chances to receive their diploma.

GED has been very useful for those who “slipped the educational system’s crack” but wanted to finish their high school degree. Such exam was initially created to help veterans of World War II finish their high school and get to college considering the fact that they missed the classroom as they join the war.

However, some teachers and students find this high school equivalency test to be costly and purely computer based. With this comes the feeling that is meant for profit venture. And many say that it is harder though online GED prep is always available.

GED Testing Service did not ignore such complaints and acted on them right away. As we know, such testing service comes in partnership with American Council on Education and Pearson known as the largest education company in the world. To address the needs of the test takers, they lowered GED’s passing score to 145.

“We recommend that each of the country’s state must consider the change to be retroactive”, stated GED’s Testing Service spokesman; CT Turner. “The lowered passing score does not mean that we admit that the test is too difficult but this is done in response to new information”, Turner added.

Furthermore, Turner said; “We have received hard data information from many states indicating that GED graduates are not just as good as high school graduates but they are even performing better. By lowering the passing score to 5 points, we can admit average students who are at par with our high school graduates”.

Apart from the lowered cutoff score, there are other innovations made to GED’s score rulings. This time, a tiered pass rate is allowed for the first time. Test takers who get the scores of 165-174 are accepted for college level work which is devoid of remediation. Meanwhile, scores of more than 175 (which is the usual score of 1 out of 10 takers) can make test takers acceptable for 10 hours college credit using ACE’s Credit recommendation Service.

Today, GED takers have better chances of getting into college with the emerging companies offering practice tests for GED. In fact, there are even companies offering a free kindle Fire for those test takers who passed the exam in just 5 months.

Twenty million people graduated high school through GED since it started in 1942. And with the lowered passing score, getting the diploma will be very possible since high school education is now viewed as an economic necessity.