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There is a new deadly snake found in Western Australia, specifically in the north region of Kimberley. Hence, this is called Kimberley death adder; named after the place where it was discovered. This is known to be one of the top 10 deadliest snakes in the world. Though this is rarely found in other parts of the world, this is endemic in Western Australia where it was found.

Scientifically, Kimberly death adder is known as “Acanthophis cryptamydros”. It has distinct characteristics when compared to other desert adders that we know of. “It is indeed surprising to know that there is another type of death adder found in Kimberley”, Paul Doughty said; Western Australian Museum Curator of herpetology. He is also part of the group who studied this snake. This is a 20 inches long reptile which can be identified through its diamond shaped head.

Kimberley death adder is a “sit and wait” snake. Meaning, it just lies still while waiting for its prey. It is fed by lizards, birds and other tiny mammals. It is also very good in camouflaging. Hence, you can never notice this when it sits on leaves or rocks.

“They are slow moving snakes”, Doughty said. They lure their victim using their tail while the rest of their body is hidden. Then they will strike their prey once they get near.

“I didn’t know Kimberley death adder can be found in the wild. After all, throughout my lengthy years of experience in my field, this is the first time that I saw one”; Doughty added.