Mirror reports that Kim Kardashian has changed her natural dark locks to platinum blond. Speculations first started when she was seeing leaving LA with a huge hat and not a hair in sight. However, today the reality star revealed that she had a new, blonde, hair color.


Her new platinum hair color was seen from beneath her large beanie hat as she stepped out for a shopping trip with Kanye in Paris. There is no doubt that she is planning to reveal her new look in one of the fashion shows and is keeping it under wraps until then.


Her color change comes only two weeks after sister Chloe was first spotted with blonde hair.


Kim has had blonde hair several times previously, with the last time being just months after daughter North was born.


Mrs West has admitted that husband Kanye loves blond hair and would like her to dye hers more often. But Kim said she didn’t like the way her face looked swollen and lips huge the last time she had blonde hair, right after having a baby. However, seems Kanye has managed to change her mind and we believe she looks hot!


Kim has recently shared that she only washes her hair once in five days and has s set regime about how she does her hair during these five days.  On day one she has a blowout, day two comes with a messier vibe, day three has a sleek look and a pony tail on day four, day five is a bit excessive, as she said, but she still makes do.


We can’t wait for Kim to reveal her new hairdo in all its glory, we’ll keep a close eye on the fashion shows she attends.