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It has been well known that majority of government websites are not so good when it comes to their design. Hence, many of their visitors find them “hard on the eyes”. For instance, Transportation Command FOIA Service Center site is hard to navigate, US Coast Guard site looks like Carnival cruise and many other government sites don’t look as they should.

“These sites must be looking great in 1997. However, we are almost 2 decades past that time and surely, there are a lot of innovations done to web design technology”, writer Ashley Feinberg commented.

For federal sites, new designs were made to standardized and improve their looks. This will surely save taxpayers time and effort navigating the site, reducing their frustrations along the process. Through the efforts of 18F designers and U.S. Digital Service, a design was made following industry-standard guidelines on web accessibility, employing both modern web designs and the existing style libraries. The design promises not just beauty but easy online navigation for American population as a whole.

With today’s online payment trend, people would opt to pay taxes online than going to a brick and mortar payment center. And if IRS wants to cut back on its budget, setting a good online payment site can be their best option.

“Customer satisfaction is one of the biggest challenges of IRS. This is because they have same number of employees serving increasing numbers of people”, ACSI chairman Claes Fornell said.

“If cuts are to be made on IRS budget then they have to focus more on the improvement of their site”, Forrest Morgeson; ACSI Director of Research. “Sadly, IRS doesn’t offer Amazon or Google level of customer experience”, he added. All these only shows that web design is not a minor issue that the government is facing in the 21st century and they must not just take this for granted.

The site’s design has great impact on people’s trust. Obviously, ugly images, confusing designs and buggy code can dismay and confound visitors whose only intent is to get some information or do important transaction on the site.

With the new federal standard designs, there will be visual style guide, software code, and downloadable fonts with amazing codes and colors that can be accessed even by people with disabilities.  Such is in compliance to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Design standards were developed for 4 months by a team of software developers from the General Service Administration as well as United States Digital Service. They worked hand in hand with their colleagues from FDA, Department of Veterans Affair, Department of Education, Social Security Administration, General Services Administration and Internal Revenue Service.

Web Designs are used to make the most of the site’s purpose. It uses tools that will make navigation easy. It helps make the site be out of the box. It is used to make the site more flexible. Most of all, if hopes to give the best customer service.

Today, web designing is not just important in government sites but is also necessary for other kinds of websites. Hence, website design services are now available online as well like those offered by MoonEdge Media.  According to writer Colby Hochmuth, “The usual casualty in cost-cutting is customer service”. However, this should not be the case if you know where to get help when it comes to your website design.