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Brian McBride needed to transfer residence from Suburban Chicago to Sewell. And after surfing online, he found out a moving company to hire; the Global Transportation. He was automatically quoted $2,945 for their service while talking over the phone. Convinced that he just found the right moving company, he deposited $165 and the schedule was set.  The said moving company indeed showed up on the appointed date. But when they have started loading, Brian was told that they will double the price because he has a lot of things than what was estimated.

When Brian was told about the increased moving fee, he knew right there and then that it was all a fraud.  So he decided to sue them in court where he won $15,000 since the company clearly violated the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.

“However, Global Transportation was discovered to be out of business and I have not collected even a dime”, Brian complained.

“There appeared to be 2 companies working as one. Money paid through PayPal showed to be sent to a recipient named “Allways Moving and Storage LLC” somewhere in Dallas”, Andrew Swain; Brian’s lawyer declared. “So we added that Dallas based company as defendant”, Attorney Swain added.

An individual registering multiple businesses is allowed in law. They can advertise one name and once they get bad reviews, use their other name to cover up. For now, the case is pending since Always Moving and Storage LLC denied the link to Global Transportation. However they have the same vehicle registration, similar address and common principal and Attorney Swain insisted that this evidence is documented.

According to better Business Bureau, Global Transportation is also known as Eco Movers and Eco Van Lines”. And for this, BBB gave them an F.

But McBride swore that he will do whatever it takes for him to get every cent that is rightfully his.

The entire experience of McBride only shows the importance of observing caution when looking for a t moving company to hire. This can be done by asking for their license or proper registration, choosing a company that conducts a visit before giving estimates and requesting to put the guaranteed price or estimate into writing.

Action News attempted to get the side of Allways but after identifying themselves, they were informed that the business is no longer operational.  However, they called back, this time without telling their true identity and they were told that they can receive an estimate and was transferred to a salesperson working another business name.

The fraudulent activity of Global Transportation can be very disheartening but it has to be understood that there are also sincere and honest moving company that you can still find these days. And unlike Global Transportation, they value their client well.