The official Russian government has released a “black list” of politicians who are no longer welcome in this country on Friday. Politicians, 90 of them, from the European Union have been banded from Russia, as a response to the sanctions to the Russian Federation, enforced by the West because of the crisis in Ukraine.


The Prime Minister of The Netherlands, Mark Rutte has informed the journalists on Friday that Russia sent a list to all the embassies in Moscow, with the names of the western politicians who are now considered persona non grata in the Russian Federation. Rutte estimated that the list contains between 80 and 90 names, but the official Moscow has declined to publish the list so far. As the list has not been published, the Prime Minister of The Netherlands claims that it is not according to the international law, and as such, can be argued and disputed in the court of law. The head of the Liberal group in the European Parliament, GuyVerhofstadt, and the former Prime Minister of Belgium is said to be one of the biggest names on the infamous “black list”.

This action of the Russian Federation is one more incident in the relations between the largest country in the world, and the West, which have been drastically worsened by the crisis in Ukraine, and especially by the Russian annexation of the Crimea. Some time ago, the European Union has proclaimed a ban on the traveling of the Russian politicians in Europe, and this list seems like a proportionate response.