Moomin Mugs
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Moomins have captured the hearts of many people around the world. Though no one is still certain whether they are trolls or hippo, they are remembered as a family of white and cute little creatures which first appeared as a British Newspaper’s comic strip in 1930’s.  Eventually, books were published about them. And their overwhelming popularity gave birth to Moomin Mug collection all over the world.

The second attempt to film Moomin in 1990 was a success. This resulted to high demands of Moomin mug production. This rolled the shelves throughout the year, especially during Christmas season. Mugs come in various themes and designs.  You can see the updated list here. There are summer mugs as well as horizontal stripe designs. The mugs with summer and winter themes were only made available for a few months. Many of these mugs were also pulled out from the market as they were replaced with new ones. But the most reputable ones are the collector’s items, specifically those that are offered in limited edition.

Rita Riska is a Moomin Mug collector who has 100 of these mugs in her home. “I have placed one of them in auction and it helped me fund my new summer cottage”, Rita recalled. Later, a Finnish national sold the mug for 4,000 euros.

The Moomin Mug craze became a widespread and it proved that mugs are not only for kids but even adults ageing 20-50 years old shared the same mug collection passion. Until now, the founding of Moomin by Tove Jansson is still commemorated. In fact, fans estimated that she would have spent 1 century of her life today if she had been alive. Moomin Mug enthusiasts rave over new released mugs every year and look forward for the coming years to add more to their collections.

There is no question why Moomin Mug aficionados devote their whole life collecting Moomin mugs. They are those who grew up with Moomins, read their books and regularly watched their television shows. This created an emotional connection as they relate to the different Moomin characters or stories. Moomin Mugs come with irresistible colors and different characters too. This gives buyers the option to buy something that relates to their moods and emotions. For bloggers, this can be valuable tools in enhancing one’s crafts. Most of all, these mugs are also good additions to one’s interiors.

Today, collecting Moomin Mugs is more than just a passion. Collectors find this a good investment too. After a few years of being out in the market, you can sell this mug for 50-100 euros to their collectors. In fact, a complete set of these mugs (70 of them) was sold for 16,00 euros, an investment that was used for exhibition purposes.