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Fans are frantic when they heard the news about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s second time engagement. But what really shocked everybody is when they decided to have a private sunset beach wedding in Australia when Miley visited Liam.

Beach weddings have become a trend nowadays. And whether these are Myrtle Beach Weddings or any other type of beach wedding, they always turn out very memorable and romantic. Hence, it is not surprising why such idea popped up on Liam’s mind.

While everybody is speculating that a grand wedding will commence this year after Miley and her ex got re-engaged, these two lovely couple decided to tie the knot without telling the world about it.

“The decision was made at a spur of the moment. Liam, who wants to avoid long engagement proposed to Miley in one of her visits to Australia”, as reported in Life & Style Magazine. Fans were ecstatic to see Miley wearing Liam’s ring back but now that they refer to each other as husband and wife, the news is even more overwhelming.

The idea of a random wedding did not start from Miley. In fact, Liam planned it all along when the actress visited him last December. However, Liam informed his brothers; Luke Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth about it. “Liam told his brother that a surprise ceremony has been prepared for her girlfriend”, as per a reliable source.

Miley had found a great par. Both she and Liam are both impulsive. Liam who can’t wait for the official wedding to happen on March made a spur of the moment decision to marry Miley at the beach. And Miley turned out amenable to the plan. Miley who is now 23 married Liam who is 26.

Elsa Pataky turned out to be the wedding’s unofficial matron. Miley even borrowed a simple frock from her for the marriage ceremony. Sadly, Liam’s parents did not make it on the wedding ceremony. However, the couple still pushed through with their plan to change vows at a romantic sunset view of the beach.

While uttering their vows, Liam chocked as he finds words to describe how Miley meant for him. The rest of the event became emotional with Miley shedding tears of joy. Liam then asked everyone present to light a candle. According to him, this signifies the eternal love that Miley and him has for each other. And the ceremony was finished with the couple slipping on their wedding bonds designed by palm fronds.

Though fans missed such romantic event shared by their idols, there’s no need to fret since an official wedding ceremony will still be held on March. As for the two wedded couple, they would have their month-long honeymoon to enjoy.