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Thomasina Miers loves to travel a lot. But it is only in Mexico where she found something that has changed her life for good. Surprisingly, it was not a Mexican item souvenir but the entire Mexican Cuisine.

Ms. Miers is a reputed television presenter, writer and a cook. In fact, because of her love to Mexican foods, she started up a business on this trade. It all started when she developed the love to Mexican street foods. She even won a famous TV cooking show, opening great opportunities to her career as a writer as newspaper columns and book deals offered to her surged high.

Ms. Miers is not alone in her passion to Mexican food. In fact, such is now accepted as international cuisine. Apart from Britain where she resides, there are also Mexican Restaurants in St George Utah and other parts of the world. This is to meet the demand for spicy, tasty and rich food texture that only Mexican cuisines have to offer.

“I was 18 years old when I visited   Mexico. The decision to leave Britain was made in my attempt to avoid a job that I have no interest in”, Ms. Miers related. At this age, I drank a lot, partied everywhere and experiment on any street food that I come across with”, she added. She tasted diverse flavors and textures of Mexican foods and tried their varieties whether they get to the country’s coast, desert, mountains or city. There, she discovered various ways to do Mexican food preparations and tried new flavors and different varieties.

During her return to London, she discovered that Mexican foods are very rare at home. This comes very depressing to her since she has already acquired a lot of knowledge on Mexican food preparation. And though how much she tried to focus more on food stall projects, she still can’t afford to set aside her true passion and that is to use her knowledge to put up a trade. So, she went back to Mexico, tried to digest everything to learn how to cook their cuisine by heart and came up with the learning and knowledge that she so desired.

In her return to London, she won in the culinary TV show; “Masterchef” due to her Mexican inspired creations. And she never failed to astonish everyone in her skill and passion to come up with great and delectable Mexican recipes. This only shows that Mexican foods do not only satisfy the taste buds of Mexicans but have also impressed people from other nationalities all over the world.