There has been a problem with homeless people in many different places. There are so many people who don’t have a roof over their head. It is sad but true. This is why the mayor of Portland, Oregon, Charlie Hayes, and his chief of staff, Josh Alpert have come up with a solution to help keep the homeless with someplace to sleep every night, at least.

According to the Portland Tribune, Hayes and Alpert will be allowing homeless people to pitch tents, sleep in cars and campers, and use sleeping bags to get some sleep at night where it is warm. This is good news for the 1,900 homeless people in Portland alone. That’s right! There are 1,900 homeless people in Portland alone. And, these 1,900 homeless people flood the streets of Portland every day and every night. This is why the mayor and his top helper are doing what they can to help them.

Homeless camping will be happening soon i Portland, Oregon.
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The reason the mayor is doing this, not only to help the 1,900 homeless people in the city, but he says that there will be an increase to that number of homeless people sleeping on unpaved sidewalks, streets, unused city properties, and private parking lots in the future. This is really sad!

According to the report, the mayor and his aid are allowing homeless people to camp in certain areas between 9 pm and 7 am. They are doing this while they come up with the money they need to have the housing built for the homeless people. The places they are allowing homeless people to camp out at, either with tents, cars, or campers, include the city sidewalks, except for those marked for high pedestrian traffic and they can’t fully block the sidewalks, unused city property where they can pitch a tents for themselves, and church or non-profit parking lots where the people who own them allow them to use the parking lot to sleep in their cars.

As well as all of this, Alpert says they are working on finishing up the process where they will allow :structured organized camping” on properties that are owned by non-profit organizations who are always trying to help the homeless.

According to Alpert, the city is also asking the neighborhood associations about areas where the camping can be allowed elsewhere. They will also supply water, garbage, sanitation, and storage help so there won’t be any fighting between the residents and the homeless people.

The Oregon Live states that the “camping” for the homeless will only be allowed for six months while they work on the other ways to help them with housing.

Also, the city officials will be educating the neighborhood on what is about to happen with the homeless camping out in the different areas. They want everyone to know what is going on so that there won’t be any fighting going on and so that the police can do a more effective homeless sweep. The last sweeps they have been doing every night hasn’t been working and they had to come up with a better way of doing things.

If this works out for everyone involved and the neighborhood, Alpert plans to ask if it can be adopted again either in the summer or the fall.

Homeless camping will be happening soon in Portland.
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According to Alpert, no one believes that this strategy of allowing the homeless to pitch tents and sleep in cars and campers will actually work better than long-term housing, but something had to be done and they have to at least try it.

There was a meeting held between everyone and although not many said anything about the current way they will be doing things, at the end of the meeting, Alpert stated, “It’ a go. We’re moving forward.”

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