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Trainers Autumn Calavrese and Sagi Kalev designed a training program which promises lean muscle development. This is Master’s Hammer and Chisel Workout. They successfully helped thousands of individuals who are desperate to lose weight. Autumn is the author of the 21 days fix fitness program while Sagi designed the part of the training which is geared towards body beast creation and this resistance training program can be done at home.

“For the very first time, two of our top trainers teamed up to work on a home based fitness program”; Carl Daikeler; Beachbody CEO said.

Sagi was featured on 50 plus fitness magazine cover and appeared several times on muscles & fitness. He was also a winner of “Mr. Israel” twice in body building and a hall famer on the IFBB Propta Hall of game.

Meanwhile, Autumn’s 21 day fix program is the number 1 beachbody seller. She received a certification from the National Academy of sports medicine and given a certificate by the American Fitness Professionals and Associates.

Master’s Hammer and Chisel’s ultimate goal is to make you appear like a Greek statue, having a shredded muscle. In 60 days, you will follow the best strength exercise as executed by the 2 dynamic duels. On top of this, you will follow a certain diet program as well as certain tricks that you can only learn from Autumn and Sagi. With this program, you will go through 12 body sculpting. These workouts will take 30-40 minutes per session. It will require you to work on certain parts of your body every week. This program has been studied by Autumn and Sagi for decades. Now, it offers you the same advantage if offer to the two celebrity trainers in just 60 days.

“Autumn and Sagi are known for their lengthy experience on fitness competitions and trainings. They had gone through cover shoots as well as bikini contests and are the epitome of someone who is in good shape”, Carl continued saying.

Master’s Hammer and Chisel Workout is not an ordinary training program that you know of. It comes with SSP or ‘Stabilization, Strength and Power” which is the most effective resistance training. While other types of training program only focus on one of these three, Master’s Hammer and Chisel focus on all of them. Hence, it becomes effective in developing muscles, losing fat and toning your body’s muscles.

As per Fitness Rock’s weight loss website, Hammer and Chisel will be out by December 2015.