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Costcutter; an award winning convenient store in Plodder Lane, Fanworth was robbed by a man who is wearing a red baby changing bag with white floral design in  satchel style. He has nothing but a knife when doing such criminal act and did the entire robbing scene on his own. However, Baz Jethwa; owner of the store is confident that they will find the robber as long as they find the distinctive bag he was wearing.

When the robbing incident happened, there were 2 female assistants who were present on the store. “There are customers present in the store when this man in his 20’s came in telling us to give him the money. He then came in the middle of the store, still shouting the words; “give me the money!”, causing our customer to run out in horror. However, the staff behind the counter refused to give in to his request, telling him that she can’t open the till. The robber took his knife out then pointed it to both staffs. He tried to get near to the staff with the customer but the client pulled some of the store’s stock to the floor to prevent the robber from getting near. This boy then jumped over the counter, ripped the till using his knife and escaped with the grocery store’s cash drawer”, Mr. Jethwa related.

Fortunately, both the store’s staffs were unharmed after the 2 minute robbing was done last January 5 at around 8pm. And the criminal was able to get around  £350 in cash. But to Mr. Jethwa, money can be found and lives are more vital.

“The staff members were just so scared. In fact, they were shaken up.”, Mr. Jethwa added.

The robber has a local accent but he put a scarf over his face so he can’t be recognized. And he wore Nike trainers and tracksuit bottoms. What was distinctive were the accessories he wore

“He opened his bag when he asked for the money, thinking that the staff will hand over his request”, Mr. Jethwa said. “Hence I am positive that if we find that bag he was wearing, we can easily find him as well”, he added.

Mr. Jethwa is an award winning store owner. And among his awards are Best Bakery Retailer Award, won the Independent Retailer of the Year and Costcutter’s Internal Sales Growth of the Year.