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Nic Hughes who died due to gall bladder cancer was denied of High Risk Life Insurance payout simply because he did not disclosed his needles pain and reduced alcohol advice. And though these are not relevant to his death, his insurance company insisted that incomplete disclosure of information upon application will be grounds to refusal to honor a critical illness policy. Nic left young twins and his wife when he died. And his wife was compelled to go back to work a month before her husband died to sustain the needs of their family.

According to medical records, Nic only drank around 10-20 units of alcohol per week. This is way below the recommended weekly allowance allowed by NHS which is 21 units.

“Neither the pins and needles nor the alcohol is related to Nic’s death”, Dr. Rubin Soomal said. According to his friends, his insurance company is repugnant and they started a campaign in social media to urge such company to do the right thing.

“Mr. Hughes should have told us that his doctor advised him to cut down his alcohol intake. He should have made us aware that he went through pins and needles”, said a spokesperson from Friends Life Insurance Company where Nic was insured.

Nic’s social media campaign against his insurance company garnered a lot of supporters including Stephen Fry and Miranda Hart.

Kester Brewin; Nic’s friend, expressed his disappointment against Friends Life Insurance when he said; “They are so insensitive to the family’s situation. They refused to give my friend what they owe to him simply because of undisclosed information that has nothing to do with Nic’s death”. He added; “If they have any conscience, they will resolve this issue soon”.

A petition was made to demand Friends Life to give full payout reached to 50,000 signatures. Stephen Fry even retweeted 1,200 times a quote on tweeter, asking Friends Life to do the correct thing. Other celebrities who supported their petition include Boy George and Doctor Alastair Campbell.

Amidst all these commotion, this is all what Friends Life has to say; “we know the current social media activity as well as the case being questioned. We are giving this high priority for senior management. We also understand how difficult is the circumstance surrounding this issue. However, part of our policy is full disclosure to all symptoms and conditions upon application so proper assessment will be done. Otherwise, a policy will be cancelled or become invalid”.