Have you ever thought that your jewelry can be made to keep memories alive for you? What about keeping your memories alive of when you breastfed your babies? Have you ever heard of anyone making jewelry from breastmilk? One woman from Texas has learned how to do just this to occupy her mind and stay busy while raising her two small boys. What she does and what you are about to learn is pretty awesome.

The breastmilk she uses to make the jewelry is preserved. Since other moms have learned of her doing this awesome thing, they have actually been sending their preserved breastmilk to her so that she can make them breastmilk jewelry.

The finished product of the breastmilk jewelry looks much like a pearl.
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Chron reports that 24-year-old Bridgette Boudreaux from Lake Jackson, Texas has found a way to make jewelry out of preserved breastmilk. The process takes about a half an ounce of breastmilk and it takes a week to create the breastmilk jewelry.

In fact, Boudreaux says that once it is preserved, it is not in liquid form anymore and doesn’t smell bad either. According to Boudreaux, many moms send her their breastmilk in small bags with padded envelopes protecting it.

Once the product is finished, it looks a lot like a pearl. How cool is this?

Boudreaux also says that when she receives breastmilk from other moms, she learns of the stories of how close mother and child became while breastfeeding. What else is so great about her doing this is that she can even make the breastmilk jewelry that is from breastmilk frozen from all the way back to 1995!

Chron also says that Boudreaux can also make jewelry from umbilical cords, placenta pieces, and baby hair. Sounds a little gross but cool at the same time! Why anyone would keep this stuff is another story altogether.

Boudreaux says her husband was a little freaked out about the breastmilk jewelry business but now thinks it is pretty cool how she does it since he has watched her make the jewelry from the breastmilk.

Breastmilk jewelry isn’t the only thing that can be made for people to remember breastfeeding their babies. Huffington Post says that those who are mourning their deceased loved ones, can have jewelry made from their ashes. Although this is another weird and amazing concept at the same time, it is being done all over the world for many people.

These ashes mourning pieces made into jewelry for those mourning their deceased loved ones can be made into different types of jewelry also. Just tell the person who is making it how you want it made, and it is made the way you want. Of course, it comes at a hefty price like anything else similar to this but it will be worth it to wear something that comes from your deceased loved ones ashes.

This ring was made from the ashes of a persons deceased loved one.
Photo credit: Roger Blake/Flickr

Would you wear breastmilk or ashes that have been made into jewelry? Hey, it is something to think about trying to keep a memory keepsake of your baby or your deceased family member, so why not, right?

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons