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Have you ever been in a dream where you are conscious that is it not for real? When you are dreaming and you are aware of it, this is called lucid dream. In fact, this has already been observed in the olden times when Aristotle; the Greek philosopher said; “Sometimes, when a person is asleep, one’s consciousness will tell that one is havening a dream.”  There are a lot of lucid dreaming stories that you can hear and read nowadays. With this comes the question; “is lucid dreaming dangerous?” Well, truth is; it’s not. In fact, this is purposely induced by researchers of UW Hospital and Clinics in Madison through precise electrical stimulation.  This is because experts believe that lucid dreams can help plethora of mental disorders such as schizophrenia and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

For centuries, philosophers like Aristotle were intrigued about lucid dreams. But researchers on these modern times believe that this can be harnessed and be used to our advantage especially in medical field, specifically on therapy options.

“There are times when dreamers will have a control on their dream plot. For instance, since the person is aware that everything that is happening is just a dream, one will have the power to get rid of the aggressor on one’s dream”, Ursula Voss said from J.W. Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany.

Voss and his team are fully aware that there are fluctuations of brain waves when one experiences lucid dreaming. With this knowledge, they took 27 young adult volunteers as subjects and applied various frequencies on their heads employing a “frontotemporal transcranial alternating current”. The current is delivered on the subjects’ heads through electrodes attached to their scalp.

At the course of the experiment, Voss and his team woke up the subjects and inquired about their dreams.  One of the subjects related; “I found myself dreaming about a translucent lemon cake which appeared like an animated movie when suddenly I realized while still asleep that I was just dreaming. It felt strange.”

The idea about taking advantage of lucid dreams has become famous that even the movie Industry was inspired to create a movie about it which stars Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception. And now that we know that we can simply zap someone’s mind to create lucid dreams, we are now faced with the question whether this will work to our advantage. Whatever the future holds for us regarding this newly found method, it is yet to be unfolded.