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In Northern Virginia, a locksmith was hired to unlock a certain home. Unfortunately, the client is not the owner of such property. The locksmith only found this out when the person cannot present any type of identification linking him to the address. This and other suspicious acts led the locksmith to call authorities to intervene on this case.

After unlocking the door, the suspect hurried to the drawers, looking for identification and keys. This aroused suspicion on the part of the locksmith concerned.

“We only knew what happened when the locksmith started to suspect that his client made an illegal entry to the house”, police spokesperson Dustin Sternbeck said. “When the locksmith told the suspect that he is going to call ACPD if he won’t present any proof of identification, he run away on foot”, Sternbeck added.

Locksmiths are not in the business of becoming an accessory to crime, whether it is an attempted crime or not. Some states deal with this case by setting a law requiring all locksmiths to ask for proof of identification from their clients before they would unlock any door.

“Even if not mandated by law, we have the duty and responsibility to ask our customers for a bill or other documents linking him to the address he wants to enter”, Ryan White, a locksmith instructor stated.

“If the person can’t tie one’s self to a particular address we are working on, we will call 911 right away even after we have opened the door”, Ryan added. He further added that he also met clients with malicious intents and most of them are domestic.

There are many states without a law mandating locksmiths to ask for identification from their clients and Virginia is one of them. However, this act is actually a “common sense” that any locksmith must do. After all, you can’t just break to any home without the authority from its rightful owner.

Locksmith companies must require ID from their clients or any document proving one’s ownership of such property. Good thing the locksmith in Northern Virginia did what he is supposed to do and acted on his instincts to call for authorities. Otherwise, he will not only be failing to do his duty well but he may end up as an accessory to a crime should he not intervened accordingly.

For now, there are still a lot of home burglars out there waiting for the right timing to invade to someone else’s home. But as long as there are companies like 24/7 Locksmith offering exceptional services, our homes can still be safe from such invasion.